Custom drawn logo design

  • Custom Logo design

    Look for a unique logo, different to anything else on the market? You've come to the correct place. 


    This kit includes:


    1x Custom drawn logo 


    2x  Initial concepts


    2x  Revisions



    1x Mini Style Guide, colourways (HEX, RGB, CMYK & PMS) and fonts. 


    1x Landscape version


    1x  Portrait Version


    design bothy will provide you with PNG  and PDF versions of your logo to use in RGB and CMYK colourways. 

    Includes a 30 min consultation. 


    *Turnaround is 10 - 14 business days. 


    * Just after a simple logo and have very clear ideas? Check out our Basic logo design kit. 


    * We have various kits available at a discounted rate. The kits include logos and more. Make sure you check them out before you purchase. 


    Can't find what is you're looking for?  Contact us for a custom kit!