Our Story.

What is a bothy you may ask?


Deep in the remote Scottish wilderness between submit and the sea you will find the Humble bothy, a basic shelter with basic emergency provisions.


Picture yourself out in the wild Tasmanian Wilderness, dusk is upon you and it’s a cold stormy night with sideways pelting rain. You’re carrying a heavy pack you have aching  thighs in the distance you spot a “wee bothy”  an unspoken welcome, a humble home for a night or two, a refugee, a roof from the wild unpredictable Tasmanian weather. These four walls will keep you warm; give you a place to lay your head and rest, with a fire to remove the tingles of cold from your toes.


Along with the basic provisions you will find a bothy book, a rain blotched handwritten book filled with stories of journeys and encounters. The day might end solitude or stories shared between strangers as the sunsets with a hot toddy in hand around a toasty fire, only to part ways in the morning, fed, watered and warm.

Like a bothy 'design bothy'  always has its door left open to welcome you.  


Whatever the project we will start with the basics and provide you with a safe resolution.  We will provide you with all the essentials and work with you through each step, and provide you with support  there after.