The design bothy story.

design bothy is here to shelter your from the storm so you can concentrate on building your own business. design bothy will deliver you with  reliable and affordable kits to foster your business needs.   Located in Spreyton, Tasmania this allows us to provide excellent creative support to Tasmanian businesses.

Why are we called design bothy?

A 'bothy' is a perfect way to describe our business model. Deep in the remote Scottish wilderness between summit and the sea you will find the humble bothy, a basic shelter with basic emergency provisions. Picture yourself out in the wild Tasmanian wilderness, dusk is upon you and it’s a cold stormy night with sideways pelting rain. You’re carrying a heavy pack you have aching  thighs in the distance you spot a “wee bothy”  an unspoken welcome, a humble home for a night or two, a refugee, a roof from the wild unpredictable Tasmanian weather. These four walls will keep you warm; give you a place to lay your head and rest, with a fire to remove the tingles of cold from your toes. Along with the basic provisions you will find a bothy book, a rain blotched handwritten book filled with stories of journeys and encounters. The day might end solitude or stories shared between strangers as the sun sets with a hot toddy in hand around a toasty fire, only to part ways in the morning, fed, watered and warm.

Like a bothy 'design bothy'  always has its door left open to welcome you.

Whatever the project we will start with the basics and provide you with a safe resolution.

Design bothy will provide you with all the essentials and work with you through each step, and provide you with ongoing support.


humble welcome.

From the moment you connect with us, you will find us to be humble. We will have you and your businesses interests at heart.

bothy fundamentals.

—  Name, Title

Our purpose.

design bothy's purpose is to assist small businesses to achieve their creative goals by providing reliable packages at affordable pricing through a timely, simple process. 


Start today.

It's time to turn your creative ideas into business realities!

design bothy's kits all include a professional designer based here in beautiful Tasmania.  Remember unlimited requests and revisions!